Step 1: Having discussed your requirements and after viewing some websites we have done for previous clients, you would like us to start work on your web presence page (WPP). We will create a demonstration page for you (demo) within 7 days of your commission. The fee for creating your demo WPP is a non-refundble £75. This will be taken off your final bill if, on viewing the demo, you would like us to go ahead and create a unique WPP which can help to increase the flow of new custom and inspire existing customers to return to your business.


Step 2: Once you have made the decision to enhance your professional business footprint through the purchase of a single WPP, the demo version will be moved to the 'pre-live' page where any requested changes take place. This might mean altering an image, changing the colour scheme or editing the copy to include or exclude information. At this point a second payment of £75 is the fee for domain name registration for 2 years and the first year's web hosting fee which runs from the date we upload your WPP onto the live site. We recommend that the pre-live stage should last no more than 7-14 days.


Step 3: Now you are flying. Your WPP is out there for the world to see. We will invoice you for your final payment of £100. Minor tweaks or changes will be made free of charge for the first 30 days. More substantial alterations such as changing a picture, adding new text, or even adding another row to your page are possible but will be chargeable on a scale from £25. for minor changes, £50. for substantive changes and £100. for major alterations.

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To your very own cusromised Web Presence Page. Designed to capture the essence of your business.

What Do Our Clients Say?
I really didn't think about one before. But now I can see it looks right for me.

We now have a website. Thank you Phipps Consultancy for designing it, you have both done a fabulous job, very much appreciate all your hard work. Fiona you have a lovely way with words. Reg you have a wealth of IT skills..

Moving Forward with a Purchase

If you don't already own a domain, we can check if the domain name you want is available and if so, register it on your behalf. If your selected name is not available, we can suggest some close alternatives. Once you have selected a domain name, we will register you as the owner of this domain. Registering a domain costs about £10 per year for a or .com. If there is any significant difference we will consult with you before going ahead.
If you already own a domain, please contact us for information on how to redirect your domain to our servers

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